*Brooklyn* Blue Bikini Set : !!SALE!! 209,99€ ipv 239,99€

Sun and sweat! The Brooklyn swim set features giant fox medallions on a two-piece top and bottom. Brooklyn bikini bra comes with the removable key-hole crop, soft tie halter neck and an easy clip-back fastening. Keep your cool with matte black microfibre and a quick dry composition.

*Miami* Black Bikini Set : !!SALE!! 199,99€ ipv 219,99€

The getaway you’ve been dreaming of…Miami has arrived! This red hot collection features adjustable back ties, opulent O-rings and bold fox medallions. Making waves with smooth micro knit material, each piece is chlorine, salt-water and sun cream resistant. Perfect for beachy days and towel-down tanning. Baywatch bombshells, make your move, Miami is calling for you.

*Dakota* Black One Piece Set : 179,99€

Environmentally conscious construction meets the ultimate summer staple! The Dakota collection is created with a slick wet-look fabric that’s derived from recycled materials and post-consumer plastics. Featuring embossed gold hardware and a sleek black finish, Dakota is the femme fatale that will leave sun-seekers gazing.

 *Kukuro* Black Bondage Suspender Lingerie Set

+ Black Stockings : 399,99€

+ Equestrian Hand Cuffs Black Leather with Gold : 499,99€

+ Equestrian Black Leather with Gold Handcuffs and Collar : 599,99€

 *Vienna* Black Suspender Lingerie Set (5pcs)

+ Black Stockings : 539,99€

  *Marivie* Neon Pink Suspender Lingerie Set

+ Neon Pink Stockings : 379,99€

Go backstage with this bright bombshell… the vibrant five piece Marivie collection features delicate neon voile embroidery on sheer crystal tulle, complete with vibrant pink mesh and elastics. Finished with glossy silver details, this luminous lady is no stranger to the spotlight. 

 *Courtney* Black Waspie Suspender Lingerie Set (4pcs)

+ Black Stockings : 459,99€

  *Elvis* Navi Blue Bodysuit + Suspender Lingerie Set (5pcs)

+ Champagne or Tiger Stockings : 619,99€

  *Ava* Black Suspender Lingerie Set

+ Black Stockings : 309,99€


*Lisbeth* Black Dragon Bodysuit

+ Black Stockings : 319,99€

Inclusief verzending en importkosten vanuit Australië

Fire starter! Featuring the exclusively designed dragon embroidery, illustrated by our French designer an finishd of with a wet-look lacquered effect

*Molly* Ivory White Suspender Lingerie Set (4pcs)

+ Ivory White Stockings : 349,99€

Ivory-hot and ready to party. Nothing screams opulence like ravishing ivory lace! Made with eyelash lace of European design, each piece includes detailed embroidery and decadent lattice trims. Finished with glossy gold elements and unmistakable charm, Molly is the sweet ivory siren to have all eyes on you.

 *Tash* Black Lingerie Set (3pcs)

+ Black Stockings : GERESERVEERD

Tash is cleared for take-off! Indulge in flattering bondage fabric with alluring fishnet mesh. Tash features a tailored bodysuit and push-up bra paired with a boldsuspender. This girl is easygoing, sweet, and already housebroken.

 *Jesse* Black Leather Suspender Lingerie Set

+ Black Stockings : 319,99€

 *Linda C* Black Suspender Lingerie Set (4pcs)

+ Black Stockings : 459,99€

Linda C is back in a lustrous black. The collection features soft elastics, glossy gold hardware, and smooth micro-knit. Made with a lining of sheer crystal tulle, this strappy siren is designed to frame the silhouette and create killer curves. With a daring attitude that’s not-so-innocent, this black bondage set shows very little restraint.

  *Jolene* Black Suspender Lingerie Set

+ Black Stockings : 369,99€

Get rowdy in the coveted five piece collection, featuring smoothing satin, leather belt detailing and decadent gold buckle accessories. Yeehaw, Honey!

 *Cole* Black Suspender Lingerie Set

+ Black Stockings : 359,99€

Cole features black satin, bold elastics and smooth mesh panelling with signature Honey Birdette medallions and glossy gold studs.

 *Morgan* Corset + Suspender Lingerie Set

+ Stockings : 379,99€

Morgan is the centre of attention with concealed corsetry boning, traditional lace up back and a front-fastening busk made from perfectly polished steel.

 *Belinda* Emerald Bodysuit + Suspender Lingerie Set

+ Emerald Stockings : 519,99€

Find Belinda in the First Class Lounge, with shimmering metallic emerald foil layered over soft lace and decadent gold detail. Rock the perfect push-up bra!

 *Whitney* Indigo Bodysuit + Suspender Lingerie Set

+ Indigo Stockings : 459,99€

This Thong has hooks on front for a sensual striptease ;) 

Leave the lights on for this one, honey. Whitney Indigo is an ethereal fantasy of Swiss designed embroidery with shimmering purple foil. Featuring naked crystal tulle, stretchy Italian lace, glossy gold rings and drop crystal pendants… Whitney Indigo is the vivid vixen that will send sparks flying. 

*Molly* Black Bustier Suspender Lingerie Set (4pcs)

+ Black Stockings : 489,99€

Black-hot and ready to party. Nothing screams opulence like ravishing black lace! Made with eyelash lace of European design, each piece includes detailed embroidery and decadent lattice trims. Finished with glossy gold elements and unmistakable charm, Molly is the sweet black siren to have all eyes on you.

 *Madison* Red Bustier + Bra + Suspender Lingerie Set

+ Stockings : 489,99€

Madison makes an entrance with sparks of love and lust. The collection is a created with sheer crystal tulle and Swiss designed embroidery, topped with soft stretch lace, decadent picot trims and dazzling drop crystals. Forget the flowers honey, a red lip and red lingerie will have you firing on all cylinders.

*Kukuro* Pink Blush Thong + Pink Blush Stockings

+ Rose Golden Metal Nipple Pasties

+ Leather Pink Bunny Mask : 299,99€

Make me blush! The coveted Kukuro collection is back! Featuring luscious light pink satin, decadent rose gold hardware, and a provocative plunge with sensational boost. This blush bombshell includes quick-clip bondage rings with multiple attachment points to have you tied up in temptation.

 *Miss K* Black with Rose Golden Chains Suspender Lingerie Set (4pcs)

+ Black Stockings : 469,99€ ipv 519,99€

Hello showgirl! Miss K combines razzle dazzle with a dose of rock n roll. Each piece is adorned with smooth studs, exaggerated O rings and detachable draping chains. Offering multiple connection points for cuffs and chains, Miss K is a sultry showstopper with endless possibilities.

+ Rose Golden Metal Nipple Pasties : 519,99€ ipv 569,99€  

Steal the spotlight and shine like a showgirl. Your audience awaits. Designed for layering beneath bras and bodysuits or perhaps a sensual strip tease. Made with a stay-in-place sticky back and metallic rose gold, these limited-edition Rose Gold Pasties will have you ready for the centre stage.

 *Darrien* Jaguar Bodysuit + Suspender Lingerie Set

+ *Darrien* Jaguar Stockings : 479,99€

Full throttle fire with a sensual splash of colour, Darrien is a provocative powerhouse. Etched with exotic florals, the collection features Swiss designed embroidery and reflective foiling with bursts of orange and pink. Layered with leopard print, sheer black mesh and rose gold accessories

 *Adele* Black with Golden Chains

Suspender Lingerie Set (4pcs)

+ Black Stockings : 369,99€

A revival of the roaring 20's‚ Adele will have you dressed for debauchery. The collection features smooth satin upon a luxe mesh lining, along with geometric seams, art deco details, gold draping chains and sparkling champagne crystals. Suitable for any soirée, every eye-catching detail is designed to turn heads.

 *Amelie* Lilac Suspender Lingerie Set (4pcs)

+ Lilac Stockings : 429,99€

This thong has hooks in front for a sensual striptease ;) 

Although lilac and lavender promote peaceful sleep, the Amelie Lilac collection is a sweet dream of its own. This playful and provocative shade is a rhapsody of romance and a first in HB history. Amelie aims to please with flirty floral embroidery, transparent crystal tulle and a unique rainbow foiling. With icy iridescence that will leave your lover begging, you might not get much sleep at all.

*Candy* Rainbow Suspender Lingerie Set

+ Candy Rainbow Stockings :

Craving something sweet? The alluring Candy collection features pastel elastics and picot trims mixed with glittering embroidery and naked crystal tulle. Intwined with rainbow hearts and sparkling jewels, this sweet little set will get you on a sugar high.