*Belinda* Hot Pink Bodysuit + Suspender Lingerie Set
+ Hot Pink Stockings : 499,99€
Razzle dazzle, baby! A beauty to behold, Belinda Hot Pink is all about the glitz and glamour. This prestigious pink collection features bold elastics, glossy gold fittings and foiled eyelash lace with a shiny metallic shift. Designed to dazzle in every way, Belinda is the sultry showgirl that will leave lovers mesmerized.
  *Whitney* Unicorn Bodysuit + Suspender Lingerie Set
+ Unicorn Stockings + Free Unicorn Wig : 499,99€
Lingerie or love spell? We’ll let you decide. As if made by magic, the collection features sheer crystal tulle and Swiss designed embroidery that appears naked on the skin. Combined with Italian lace, multicolour crystals and soft pastel hues, Whitney is a provocative potion that’s too good to resist…
 *Saskia* Magenta & Mango Suspender Lingerie Set
+ Magenta & Mango Stockings : 329,99€
Indulge in everyday comfort with a colourful twist! The Saskia collection features bright orange binds upon stunning magenta tulle, finished with woven gold rings and lustrous crystals. Designed with a curved silhouette that follows your natural shape, Saskia will have you feeling fabulous.
  *Laura* Sapphire Suspender Lingerie Set
+ Sapphire Stockings : 359,99€
Introducing Laura; the sapphire seductress that’s bringing magic to the bedroom! The collection features Swiss designed embroidery, sheer crystal tulle and bold elastic trims. From bewitching blue lace to dazzling drop crystals, the Laura collection oozes opulence and charm.
 *Daisy* Ivory White Bralette Slim Suspender Lingerie Set
+ White Stockings : 349,99€
  Flirty, feminine and ultra-Parisienne, Daisy collection is the first ten-piece collection complete with a garter and blusher veil. The collection features Swiss designed embroidery, sheer crystal tulle, and decadent trims. Intricately finished with gold hardware, satin bows and iridescent crystals, Daisy is the keepsake collection that is love at first sight.
 *Christine* Turquoise Suspender Lingerie Set
+ Christine Turquoise Stockings : 349,99€
Whether you’re dreaming of an exotic encounter or Cadillac cruise…Christine will take you on a ride to paradise. Made with hot turquoise mesh, icy blue crystals and luxe picot trims, the collection features tropical embroidery splashed with glittering pink and soft blue. This stunning collection is designed with matching hosiery and a powerful turquoise bullet that is set to thrill.
This thong has hooks on front for a sensual striptease ;)
  *Chastity* Black Bondage Suspender + Waspie Lingerie Set (4pcs)
+ Black Stockings : 649,99€
Putting the ‘B’ into ‘BDSM’, Chastity is all about temptation and control. This limited-edition collection features chastity device pieces such as gold locking plates, chains, padlocks and keys. Made with rich satin, strappy elastics and divine gold details, the Chastity collection has got it on lock!
+ *Chastity* Gold Cuffs* : 779,99€
For those that love the finer things… this one is for you. Designed with overlapping plates and a weighty feel, the Chastity Cuff Set includes two signature padlocks, two locking keys, and a gold linking chain. Forged with premium gold hardware and a luxurious finish, these bondage cuffs are the kind you won’t want to escape. 
  *Whitney* Apple Green Suspender Lingerie Set
+  Apple Green Stockings : 339,99€

Welcome to the elite level of lingerie. The cult-classic Whitney collection is serving straight-up sex appeal. Featuring Swiss designed embroidery, Italian stretch lace and sheer crystal tulle that leaves little to the imagination. Embellished with shimmering foil and sparkling green crystals, Whitney is made for the limelight.

This thong has hooks on front for a sensual striptease ;)

 *Gabrielle* Magenta Pink Lingerie Set
+ Magenta Pink Stockings : 239,99€
Ready to rally? The Gabrielle collection is bound to cause a racquet! Featuring Swiss designed embroidery, bright magenta binds, naked crystal tulle and soft, sweet frills. Striking the balance of sexy and sweet, this pretty-in-pink hotshot will keep you on your A-game.
 *Roisin* Lilac Shimmering Suspender Lingerie Set
+ Lilac Stockings : 339,99€
Flourishing with amethyst foil, the Roisin collection is hypnotic from every angle. Made with a mixture of soft eyelash lace and light lavender tulle, faux leather feel.
 *Elvis* Army Camo Suspender Lingerie Set (4pcs)
+ Camo Stockings : 449,99€
Commander of the court, Elvis is in the building! The collection features green elastics, sheer mesh panels and sultry hints of satin. To create the unique camouflage satin, we’ve utilised digital print technology as a sustainable solution to regular textile printing. Topped with glossy gold fittings and adjustable slides, Elvis is the military mistress that will have lovers falling in line.
 *Madison* Red Bustier + Bra + Suspender Lingerie Set
+ Stockings : 489,99€
Madison makes an entrance with sparks of love and lust. The collection is a created with sheer crystal tulle and Swiss designed embroidery, topped with soft stretch lace, decadent picot trims and dazzling drop crystals. Forget the flowers honey, a red lip and red lingerie will have you firing on all cylinders.
 *Miss K* Black with Rose Golden Chains Suspender Lingerie Set (4pcs)
+ Black Stockings : 469,99€ ipv 519,99€
Hello showgirl! Miss K combines razzle dazzle with a dose of rock n roll. Each piece is adorned with smooth studs, exaggerated O rings and detachable draping chains. Offering multiple connection points for cuffs and chains, Miss K is a sultry showstopper with endless possibilities.
 + Rose Golden Metal Nipple Pasties : 519,99€ ipv 569,99€
Steal the spotlight and shine like a showgirl. Your audience awaits. Designed for layering beneath bras and bodysuits or perhaps a sensual strip tease. Made with a stay-in-place sticky back and metallic rose gold, these limited-edition Rose Gold Pasties will have you ready for the centre stage.
 *Darrien* Jaguar Bodysuit + Suspender Lingerie Set
+ *Darrien* Jaguar Stockings : 479,99€

Full throttle fire with a sensual splash of colour, Darrien is a provocative powerhouse. Etched with exotic florals, the collection features Swiss designed embroidery and reflective foiling with bursts of orange and pink. Layered with leopard print, sheer black mesh and rose gold accessories

 *Adele* Black with Golden Chains
Suspender Lingerie Set (4pcs)
+ Black Stockings : 369,99€
A revival of the roaring 20's‚ Adele will have you dressed for debauchery. The collection features smooth satin upon a luxe mesh lining, along with geometric seams, art deco details, gold draping chains and sparkling champagne crystals. Suitable for any soirée, every eye-catching detail is designed to turn heads.
 *Cole* Black Suspender Lingerie Set
+ Black Stockings : 359,99€
Cole features black satin, bold elastics and smooth mesh panelling with signature Honey Birdette medallions and glossy gold studs.
 *Prudence* Zebra Print Bodysuit
+ Zebra Print Stockings : RESERVED
Prudence features foiled zebra print embroidery on soft black tulle finished with bold elastics, glossy gold rings and signature zebra emblems.
 *Morgan* Corset + Suspender Lingerie Set
+ Stockings : 379,99€
Morgan is the centre of attention with concealed corsetry boning, traditional lace up back and a front-fastening busk made from perfectly polished steel.
 *Belinda* Emerald Bodysuit + Suspender Lingerie Set
+ Emerald Stockings : 519,99€
Find Belinda in the First Class Lounge, with shimmering metallic emerald foil layered over soft lace and decadent gold detail. Rock the perfect push-up bra!
 *Whitney* Indigo Bodysuit + Suspender Lingerie Set
+ Indigo Stockings : 459,99€
This Thong has hooks on front for a sensual striptease ;) 
Leave the lights on for this one, honey. Whitney Indigo is an ethereal fantasy of Swiss designed embroidery with shimmering purple foil. Featuring naked crystal tulle, stretchy Italian lace, glossy gold rings and drop crystal pendants… Whitney Indigo is the vivid vixen that will send sparks flying.
  *Elvis* Navi Blue Bodysuit + Suspender Lingerie Set (5pcs)
+ Champagne or Tiger Stockings : 619,99€
The Elvis collection screams rock'n'roll royalty! Buckle up in the push-up cup for killer cleavage, featuring iconic straps across the bust that makes an impact!
  *Ava* Black Suspender Lingerie Set
+ Black Stockings : 309,99€